When and Why to Use Long Sentences

written by Mikaela Cowles on November 11, 2016 in Tips with no comments

When and Why to Use Long Sentences

The sparing use of long sentences provides a hook that grabs your reader.

The long sentence sets the scene. It’s the descriptive power bomb. When written well, it is poetic in its cadence with a song-like hook that grabs the reader.

Feeling confused because last week we said to keep every sentence short and now we’re talking about writing long sentences?

It’s okay. The confusion is what makes writing an art.

Long sentences aren’t inherently bad. They’re powerful. But it’s the heart of their power that makes them so dangerous. 

Think of long sentences like music. The right song at the right time can change the mood of an entire room – in good ways and bad. But your entire life is not lived to a soundtrack. If it were, the effectiveness of music would be diminished.

This is the same with long sentences. Utilizing a mix of long and short sentences allows the power of each to shine though. Not every sentence you write is going to be a rock star. Some sentences are just there because they need to be.


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