What Do I Blog About (Part III)

written by Mikaela Cowles on April 25, 2013 in Blogging with no comments

What Do I Blog About (Part III)

Not every part of your business is glamorous. Am I right? Some of it (or a lot of it) is probably boring, frustrating, or unflattering. We’ve all been there. As you created your list of experiences in Part II of What Do I Blog About, I encouraged you to include these – even if they’re sensitive.

Did this make you nervous? If so, I understand. Perhaps some of the experiences were sensitive in nature, either because they mention names you don’t want to disclose or moments in your businesses you’d rather not highlight. How then can you discuss these times in a way that benefits you? These are three tips to discussing sensitive material on your blog:

Get Transgender
If you are recapping a story about an individual or individuals that could be sensitive in nature, changing the gender of your subjects is a great way to protect their anonymity. Why does this work? In general, once our minds are introduced to the idea of one sex associated with a story, placing a different gender in the same role is difficult.

Tell it Straight
While I wouldn’t tell you to air your dirty laundry unnecessarily, sometimes it is a vital step to ending a PR nightmare. If you run into a situation where your company made a mistake, owning up to it is the best way to get back in the good graces of your clients and the public eye. State the facts without embellishing them or trying to hide details. Honesty will always earn you respect.

Show Your Learning Curve
Owning up to your mistakes is a great way to win the battle. Sharing what you have learned from them is how you win the war. Be forthcoming about what new protocols you are putting into place, how you are reimbursing your customers or what personal reflections you have had.

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