West of Market Sponsor Spotlight, May 2014

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West of Market Sponsor Spotlight May 2014, Meet Casey Oiness, Cobalt Mortgage

Casey Oiness knows the importance of finding the right mortgage for each borrower. He purchased his first home during the housing market boom in 2006, and quickly found himself in an uncomfortable mortgage.

At the time, he was a recent Seattle Pacific University graduate. Having earned his bachelor’s in business finance, he was working as an associate client manager. “I ended up in a bad mortgage,” Casey told me with a grimace.

In 2010, he joined the Cobalt Mortgage team as a mortgage broker. His goal has always been the same: to never have a client get into a loan that is uncomfortable for them in the future. Casey’s been there. He never wants his clients to share in his experience.

How does he do this? He and his lending team work closely with each borrower to identify their immediate needs and their long-term goals. “For us, it’s not just about helping a client achieve success now. We structure their mortgage so they don’t end up in a bad position later on in life,” Casey said.

The right mortgage depends on a lot of factors. These include: where a borrower and their family are in life, their financial circumstances and what they are planning in the future. Casey explained: if a client is purchasing a short-term property, an ARM might make sense. But, if they’re looking to find a home that they’ll be in over the long haul, than a 30-year or 15-year fix could be the right call. It really comes down to setting each person up for their personal success.

To ensure clients make the right decision, Casey and his team focus on education. For Casey, this is the foundation for building trust with clients. It helps clarify the unknown and remove the scary factor. For him, it’s what distinguishes his team from other lenders. He said, “A lot of people ask me how they should select a lender because lenders all seem so similar. And they are. My answer is always the same: work with someone you trust.”

Casey attributes his success to his team, Kailey Hazard and Arianna Smart. Kailey’s organizational skills allow her to help coordinate loan documents from start to finish. Arianna’s 13 years of mortgage and lending industry experience, give her a wide range of knowledge and skills to manage each phase of the process. Together, the three create a dynamic team.

“We work really efficiently. Everyone has a defined role which ensures no step is missed and loans are processed quickly,” Casey said.

Additionally, the team provides each borrower with a “needs list,” to make submitting documents as easy and painless as possible. For Casey’s team, loans aren’t just things they push through. They provide a concierge level service which answers questions and meets the needs of each individual borrower.

Beyond The Office
A Kirklandite, Casey and his lovely wife, Linnea, continue to call Kirkland home. Married last August, they love to try new local restaurants and have recently started dabbling in wine tastings. Occasionally on sunny days, Casey can be found fine-tuning his golf game.

Casey Oiness

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