Thoughts on how my clients rock

written by Mikaela Cowles on October 7, 2014 in Blogging with no comments

Thoughts on how my clients rock

A few months back I popped into Chipotle to grab dinner for my boyfriend and myself. It’d been one of those go-go-go days and there just wasn’t time to cook.

The lady at the cash register only charged me for one of my burritos. When I pointed out her mistake, she and the gentleman helping her, excitedly handed me a 2-for-1 card.

Now, I probably wasn’t supposed to get two 2-for-1 cards. But, I imagine the owner and manager would think the result was well worth the extra cost. For just $7, their employees made me a loyal customer. 

I first wrote about this experience over on RWL Design, an amazing Pacific Northwest based design and marketing firm. Offering a boutique experience, their services are always tailored to their clients’ needs. Getting to work with a company that always puts their clients first is a joy.

The post about Chipotle (you can read the entire post here) is part of a series that delves into the importance of company culture. It’s pretty darn wonderful, if you ask me.

My clients always astound me with their graciousness. In particular, the folks at RWL Design are so “others centered” it’s astounding. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the way in which they focus on what’s really best for the client. Without fail, when we huddle up to discuss the upcoming blog post schedule the question is always asked, “What do your clients need most?” We identify the answer. And then, that’s what we write about. Plain and simple.

In my, very humble opinion, this is by far the best way to write a blog.

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