Streamlining Your Communications


A few months ago, a new phonebook arrived on my front porch. Just as quickly, it landed in my recycling bin with a resounding thud. So many businesses have online listings that looking up a number in the phonebook has become archaic.

The idea of not having a website in today’s world is like not hanging a sign outside your storefront. Mass marketing e-mails have replaced mass marketing direct mail campaigns. Ads and coupons now pop up in your web browser. Print is dying. Or is it?

While we all can contend advertising has changed, print is, and forever will be, useful. Why? Because people like to hold and hold onto things. To retain current and gain new customers, you need to be easily memorable. Frequent touches don’t just happen over the web. People want to know you before they invest in you. Integrating your business’ presence into multiple different formats is vital.

Your website, social media presence, and print material should streamline your brand and message. Promoting your business in just one format limits your impact. Utilize all three to maximize results.

I integrate all three by using the same slogan on the cards I mail, emails I send, and social media platforms I use. How are you streamlining your communications?