Simple Press Release Format


Give your business an immediate marketing boost with a press release that grabs attention.

From local news outlets to targeted trade publications, a well-crafted press release has the potential to garner your business some serious attention. Who knows, if your announcement is newsworthy enough – it might even get picked up by a national or international publication. 

In order to get your press release read, you need to format it correctly. Why is this important? Because it makes the life of media professionals – the folks you need to impress – easier. Use the format below to allow them to easily skim your press release.

Headline (This needs to be catchy. It should describe your content and pique the interest of your reader.)

City, State – Month, Day, Year – Body (The body of your press release should be two or three concise paragraphs. Make sure to put the most important information in the first paragraph, preferably the first sentence.)

Your Business Name
Include a description of your business with details such as what products or services you offer, when you were founded, and your mission statement.

Contact Information
Address (if you have one)


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