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Black-Bottle-PosternCoastal Courting
In the middle of a downtown Bellevue Street, a couple attempted to push their car toward a parking lot. Numerous drivers weaved by. Not Bijal Shah. Putting life’s destination on hold, he pulled into an adjacent lot and helped heave the couple and their car to safety.

“That’s just the kind of person he is,” said Sinead, his wife. “Most people think about pulling over and then keep driving. He sees a need and fills it. Like when he learns of someone’s passing. The first thing he does is come home, fix the grieving family a huge meal, and deliver it to their house.”

In the same way Bijal gives, he gathers. Sinead, a United Air- lines First Officer currently flying a Boeing 777, said on more than one occasion she’s returned from a flight to an impromptu large dinner party. “It’s always the most random people who don’t really know each other,” Sinead recounted.

These Clyde Hill residents must thank their eclectic dinner parties. Those gatherings seem to be the catalyst for an amaz- ingly unique and distinctive selection of wines. What has been referred to as a hobby gone amuck is more appropriately defined as passion properly fermented and graciously poured.

Owners of The Woodhouse Wine Estates, Bijal and Sinead began bottling years ago. The intent was to pour a few cases to guests and sell a few cases to friends. Little did they know, their unmarked bottles would garner restaurant inquiries and quickly sell out. Keep reading…

Kim-KircherPersevering 15 minutes at a Time: Fearless Skier Endures Husband’s Cancer
A love for the snow brought her to the mountains. Little did Kim Kircher know that through one love she would find another and have the skills to persevere – some- times for just fifteen minutes.

Fourteen years ago, just after John Kircher bought Crystal Mountain, Kim worked the Crystal booth at a ski show. “That’s when we had our first real conversation. After the show, a group of us went out to dinner. The conversation just continued,”Kim remem- bered. John was smitten right away, but she turned him down. “I told him, ‘I couldn’t date the boss’,” she said. After a couple of years, they started dating, were married, and lived happily ever after. Almost. Keep reading…

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