Let your e-mail sit for five (or more)

written by Mikaela Cowles on August 8, 2013 in E-Mail Etiquette 101 with no comments

Let-Your-E-Mail-Sit-For-Five-Minutes-Or-MoreEmail Etiquette 101 – Let your e-mail sit for five minutes or more.

What? Why?

Well picture this: You get an e-mail from a client who’s really upset and wants something fixed right away! Quickly, you type a response and press send. Only then do you notice an “I” isn’t capitalized and “their” is missing the ‘ir.’ Perhaps, you even misspelled the client’s name.

Rarely is anything so pressing it has to be sent that instant. Waiting a few minutes and reviewing your e-mail will give you a better chance to catch small typos. Save each e-mail as a draft and come back to it at least five minutes later to review it before pressing send.

Still making mistakes? Try typing your e-mails in a word document or print each e-mail to review it in hardcopy before you send it.

Other editing tips include reading out loud and reading backwards one sentence at a time.

Everyone makes typos and catching your own mistakes can be difficult. Give yourself a little distance from your e-mail for a better chance to see your own mistakes.

Let it sit for five (or more).

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