Getting Back on Track

written by Mikaela Cowles on March 1, 2018 in Blogging and Real Life Perspectives with no comments

Running Stairs

It’s March 1. A ‘Happy New Year’s’ banner is still pinned to the wall near my front door. And, I’ve only flooded my kitchen once this year.

(Yes. I did flood my kitchen in January. You can read about the traumatic moment here.)

Except for the fact that I’ve already missed a few of my 2018 goals. Namely, blogging once a week here and over on Baguette Taste – Wonder Bread Budget – I guess you could say I’m off to a good start. 

Why take a moment to address the big F-Word (aka failure)? Somewhat because, I am the perfect example of the cobbler’s son. (As the story goes, the cobbler’s soon never has shoes because his dad so busy helping paying customers.)

Mostly I’m addressing the f-word because I believe it’s important to distinguish the difference between failure and a hiccup. Failure is what happens when you give up. When you throw in the towel and walk away.

Does that sound a little mushy when you realize this is a blog post about content writing and marketing? Perhaps. If you’re interested in ultra-serious, salesy speak that never address the elephant in the room– I’m probably not the content writer for you.

I’m a proponent of transparency. I’m a believer in being human. And, I am a huge advocate for creating a ‘brand presence’ that’s built upon morals and general kindness. Yeah. I went there. That’s the rub of it though. I’m blessed to work with clients who are moral and kind. It can just sometimes be hard and scary to embrace your story in that authentic way.

What does this really mean? Embracing your story means being real. Being upfront. Being someone other people want to talk to. Because whether you’re a B2B or B2C, you and your clients are people. And people want to do business with other people.

So…there’s been a bit of a hiatus on the blogging front. But the blog posts are back up and running as of today. Next week will be the second writing prompt of the year.

And, then we’re going to jump into topics like the true cost of writing a blog post and how to take better pictures with your smartphone.

Have a question you want to have addressed or a moment when you’ve missed a goal but had to get back in there? Shoot me a note. I’d love to address your questions or celebrate your success.

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