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My apartment building caught fire once. It started in the front bedroom of a corner unit. Pillows of black smoke poured from the windows. Small children ran barefoot into the street. Parents frantically counted, checked, and double-checked that everyone had made it out. My roommate yelled to hurry as she ran for the stairs.

I was searching for my grandmother’s pearls.

I had my laptop in one hand, my passport in the other, and I stuffed that beautiful white strand right into my pocket like the cotton of my sweatpants could protect it.

That’s what I grabbed. In the heat of the moment, my thesis, passport, and pearl necklace were the things – the tangible, physical things – I couldn’t live without.

I remember standing on the street, watching the firefighters run up the stairs one, after another, after another. They carried large hoses and axes. Through the facemask of one who passed close by, I saw eyes. That was all I could see. No nose. No mouth. Just eyes. They looked like calm eyes. Kind eyes. Eyes that were focused, but determined not to allow anyone back into the building. Keep reading…

Black-Bottle-PosternRestaurant Review: Black Bottle Postern
Leave the kids and bring your taste buds! Black Bottle Postern is an all-adult, whirlwind ride of flavor. Recently, ten Points residents gathered at this Bellevue gastropub for an extensive menu sampling. It is not often a restaurant walks the fine line between expensive-stuffy and affordable-old. Black Bottle does. Its edgy, unfinished ceilings and cement beams are softened with moody lighting and friendly service. Whether you are sliding into a booth for an intimate dinner or gathering around a family-style table, one thing is certain – the food won’t disappoint.

While the small plate menu is designed to share, you might think again after sampling the bacon wrapped scallops served atop frizzled kale. However, this would be unwise because you would miss out on the pear and gorgonzola flatbread – a sweet, savory concoction bordering on dessert. Keep reading…

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