E-Mail Etiquette 101: The Golden Rule


HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED AN E-MAIL IN ALL CAPS and thought the person was yelling at you? Or have you opened your inbox and found a suggestion on how to improve a project, complete with a not so subtle hint at your stupidity? Perhaps you’ve received a rant about your presumptuous nature?

We have all had an e-mail make us mad, sad, or perhaps offended. People say outlandish things over the web which they would never say in person. It’s a lot easier to disregard your manners when you’re not looking someone in the face.

Have you ever sent an e-mail which was received the wrong way? Perhaps you didn’t intend your advice to sound condescending or your criticism to come off as demeaning. Cyber space rules are not much different than the playground ones when you were five. If you wouldn’t want to receive the e-mail you’re sending, why would someone else?

Before you press send, ask yourself, “Would I want to receive this e-mail?”

Type unto others as you would have them type unto you. Don’t ever send emotional content over the web unless it is positive and complimentary.