Cross-Dressing Characters can be Your Best Friend


Have you ever had something happen with a client or prospect you’d really like to share? Do you feel you can’t because you shouldn’t mention their name?

Change it! In fact, change their gender all together. Nothing throws someone off the scent of who you’re really talking about like swapping their anatomy with the opposite sex.

Want to take it a step further? Change their job too! If he manages in the oil drilling company, send her to a coal plant. If she’s a lawyer, turn him into a financial advisor.

Yes, the argument could be made that these changes move your blog post, e-blast and social media status from fiction to non-fiction. However, the goal of sharing the story isn’t to deface another individual. You’re not writing a tabloid.

The goal is to communicate a specific kind of situation and enlighten your reader. It’s to share the idea of what happened. The “who” isn’t important. It’s the lesson or experience that matters. That’s why in this case swapping details like gender and industry doesn’t matter.

So go on. Try your hand at a little written cross-dressing.