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Note: For many of our clients, Making Language Count provides behind the scenes writing. Ghost Blogging allows businesses and business professionals to easily and regularly update their blog with industry specific posts, tailored to their voice, and containing information of their choice. Posts of such nature can be published in your name. Please contact Making Language Count for more details about Ghost Blogging.

Kenmore-Air-Blog-e1354752723326-150x150Kenmore Air Blog
Kenmore Air’s rich history as a family owned, reliable company is the heart of what makes this seaplane business unique. The only thing they place above customer satisfaction is passenger safety. They wanted to expand their online presence, while also communicating their values.

As the voice and face of the Kenmore Air blog, Mikaela dove headfirst into the company culture. Interviewing staff and customers, tracking down community leaders at Kenmore Air destinations, and going on a few excursions herself, she developed a blog rich with interesting and helpful information.

Harbor Club ON THE DOCK
To help connect members and show case the club’s advantages, the Harbor Club worked closely with Mikaela to develop a solid foundation of engaging posts. From feature member stories to event recaps and special club offerings, ON THE DOCK provided useful information in an engaging way.

Hanauer_Biz_Journal_Live-0287-e1354752653451-150x150$150 K Sock Puppet
A $150 K sock puppet? Who has heard of such a thing? Nick Hanauer has. He owns one. It’s the last vestige of a company called He keeps it on his desk as a reminder to invest intelligently, instead of getting excited and wrapped up in what is currently popular. “Whoever thought of an online pet food store? That’s just a stupid idea,” said Hanauer shaking his head.

Not all of Hanauer’s investments were the flop was. In fact, hardly any of them were. From investing to founding, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs since the 1980’s, when he co-founded his first company: Museum Quality Framing Company. Continue reading…

From the Tennis Court to the CEO’s Office
The Yo-Yo Man’s Key to On-Boarding

Nonprofit Blogging
Stan-150x150Member Highlight – Stan Emert
As the President of RainmakersTV, Stan helps influential individuals around the globe tell their stories. His documentary series inspires worldwide transformation. He focuses on examples of leadership, innovation, and social responsibility.

In addition to RainmakersTV, Stan works with the Post Harvest Project. This nonprofit is an incubator in developing countries for technologies that increase yields in agriculture/aquaculture.

As a basketball coach, Stan’s seen the difference a positive role model can make. He encourages RBI Club members to remember: “There are a lot of great things happening in the world today. Many baseball players are a part of them. Please let the players know their work with people in poverty can do so much – it can even last a lifetime for young people.” Keep reading…

Spring-Training-150x150At The Game…
It’s hard to find a bad seat at Spring Training. This isn’t the gigantic stadium you’re familiar with. The only seating is either in a small section of stands or a grassy outfield perfect for sprawling on a blanket. Seating assignments aren’t strict. After the first inning or so, wandering the stadium and trying out empty seats is normal. (However, don’t expect to wander in large groups and find seats together. These games are popular.)

Outfield seating is a definite must try. Families enjoy the extra space for their toddlers to play and explore. (Word to the wise, keep an eye out for ‘foul’ balls from these tiny tots playing catch.) Rowdier 20-somethings are full of good-natured heckles and cheers. Learn more…

Congregations For The Homeless – A Return to Humanity
Opening Doors and Healing Hearts for more than 50 Years