A Working Woman’s Travel Tools

written by Mikaela Cowles on April 7, 2015 in Travel Writing with no comments

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When you’re work requires you to travel, the right tools can ensure you have the freedom to also play.

Traveling for work can be fun. It can also be incredibly stressful. When you travel for a vacation, your responsibilities are relatively non-existent. When you travel for work, you have things to do.

Typically this includes covering both your day-to-day activities and on-the-road tasks. Sometimes no matter what you do, getting everything done is a headache. If you can plan ahead and bring the right tools, traveling while working can be extremely enjoyable.   

Last week, I was lucky enough to count myself among the latter crowd during a trip to Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona.

Since 2012, I have helped the Mariners RBI Club cover their annual Cactus Closer event. The Mariners RBI Club is a non-profit dedicated to keeping baseball in Seattle and supporting the charities of local Mariners players and staff. Their annual Cactus Closer event is a unique opportunity for club members to meet fellow baseball lovers and mingle with Mariners players, front office staff and media personnel.

This year, my fiancé was able to come. (We’re tying the knot April 18! EEEK. I’m about to be a married woman. More details to come.)

It was a quick two-day trip, but we made the most of them. We watched baseball. A lot of baseball. We drank beers sitting in the grass and strolled through the warm evening air. We took selfies, got sun burnt, and ate too much at dinner. I even got to throw out the first pitch! It was pretty incredible.

Mikaela Cowles throwing the first pitch

Throwing out the first pitch at Spring Training. It was one of those fantastic bucket list experiences I’ll never forget.

Throughout the trip I kept three vital tools with me:

These three tools allowed me to capture, record, and share the entire weekend on the fly.


What tools do you take when you travel?






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