7 Hazards to Avoid While Moving

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Getting a puppy

The wildly rugged activity known as “moving” can be quite an exciting, albeit frustrating, adventure. It’s made even more so if you’re trying to work a job while you move.

You carry a box. You write a blog post. You carry five boxes, drop a fry pan, and misplace the puppy behind the woodpile. Then you write another blog post.

And so the saga of moving goes. Or at least, that’s how it was in our household.

In 2016 my husband and I bought a house, got a puppy, celebrated our first anniversary, and attended a wedding in Mexico. Just…not in that order. 

First time homeowners. We did it!! #homeowners #moving

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In fact, we did the whole thing out of whack. (Except for the anniversary of course. The anniversary was just as anniversaries should be. Delightfully romantic filled with an excuse to wear my wedding dress again, sip cocktails, and savor a tender filet mignon.)

We bought a house. Went to Mexico. Got a puppy. AND THEN, with puppy in tow, moved into said house.

It was crazy. It was awful. And, it was downright exciting. We spent our first night on a blow up mattress. We watched the World Series from office chairs. We ate soups and casseroles our mother’s lovingly delivered until I managed to unpack the kitchen. And all the while we somehow worked.

This is what moving looks like… #worldseries #officechairs #yougottadowhatyougottado

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Which brings me to the reason for this post. Here are my pearls of wisdom – also known as hazards to avoid while working from home and moving.


Not Getting Your Internet on Lock

Internet is like crack to 99% of small business owners. I mean seriously, can you imagine how your work would be impacted if you didn’t have access to things like email, Google, and Facebook? Before you set up shop in your new abode, make sure the Internet is set up and working.

(Major props to my hubby for being on top of this one. After kissing me by the front door and unloading the car, he made sure all was right in the land of connectivity. Great job honey!)


Forgetting to Bring a Table & Chair

Standing desks are nice. The lotus position might be great for your chi. But when it comes time to getting work done – you need to be able to hunker down and crank it out. For most of us, this requires a table and a chair. Unless you’re closing up shop for a few days while you move, a place to work needs to come with you on day one.


Worrying About How Your Office Looks

The potential to create a beautiful, new office space can feel overwhelmingly appealing. And when it’s slow to come together, it can feel equally depressing. Take a deep breath. Most likely, your office will be a work in progress for a while. That’s okay! Get settled in. Get caught up with any work you might have put off. Then worry about decorating and the like. Even if you have clients coming to visit, you just moved! They’ll be so excited to celebrate your new home to even realize you have no art on the walls.


Letting Your To-Do List Slide

You’re moving! You have 50-million things on your plate. Expecting yourself to remember them all without any help is craziness. Don’t let your to-do list slide. Write everything down. And I mean everything. The extra social share. The letter to your grandma. The networking date at your local Starbucks. Everything gets written down or else you’re probably going to forget.


Not Stopping to Savor the Moment

You just moved! If you’re like me, you just bought your first home. STOP. Savor the moment. It’s hard. Oh goodness, stopping is hard. But do it. This is a once in a lifetime moment. Pour a drink. Turn on some music. Cuddle with your honey. This isn’t something to let pass you by.

(Major props to Garrett again! He not only packed stuff for a cocktail, he insisted we take a break and relax together.)


Failing to Find the Closest Starbucks

Seriously. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Don’t wait until you’re going stir crazy to look for your favorite nearby coffee shop. Find it in advance. Preferably before you even make an offer on your new home. If coffee is your sanity – make coffee a priority.


Misplacing Your Favorite Pen

Anything you use on a regular basis should be packed, moved, and unpacked in the first go. Your favorite pen should be among those items. A great pen is a precious thing. I spent more than 20 days looking for mine! It was a rough 20 days…

Pens are not to be dismissed as trivial. Your favorite might not be something you need every single moment. But when you need it, you need it. And, you better be able to find it!





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