5 Skills Your Social Media Manager Needs

written by Mikaela Cowles on September 27, 2016 in Social Media with no comments

5 Skills Your Social Media Manager Needs

When was the last time you were on Facebook? When was the last time you liked a status that didn’t have a picture?

Social media (this includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) is dominated by those who are able to show and tell stories. This means the ideal social media manager needs to have skills beyond the 140-character tweet. She needs to be able to pair that tweet with a story, transform that tweet into a blog post, and optimize it for search engines. She needs to possess these five skills:



It’s not just enough to describe an event or talk about a person. In our Instagram crazy, Facebook heavy, Twitter dominated world, consumers expect to also see the moment. The ideal social media manager is a savvy gal who isn’t afraid to put boots on the ground. She’s never more than a few feet from her camera. And, she needs to be adept at photographing the moment while surreptitiously taking notes.


Multi Form Writing

Multi form writing is the ability to repurpose a single piece of content into multiple different forms. This is essential because not all forms are appropriate for all platforms. For example, you wouldn’t want to publish a full-scale blog post on your Facebook wall. Nor is every 140-character tweet appropriate for Instagram.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to share a completely original topic on each platform. Rather, your social media manager needs to be able to tweak the message so it’s appropriate for the format.



Having a well-written blog post or article will help keep your reader’s attention when they land on your piece. However, this is only helpful if your readers find your post. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of incorporating the appropriate keywords and long tail keywords into your copy. This optimization process helps signal to search engines that your copy is valuable and relevant.

Think SEO doesn’t matter because your social media manager is only handling your social accounts? Think again. Google has begun indexing tweets and displaying them, as appropriate, within search results.


Photo Editing Skills

Beyond simply capturing the moment, your social media manager needs to be able to literally pair words and pictures together. This requires photo-editing skills. She needs to be able to create collateral materials such as infographics, image quotes, and promotional ads.

But you have a graphic designer for that? Wonderful! Graphic designers and social media managers make an excellent pair. Unfortunately, the nature of social media means there is not always time for the full blown design process. In such instances, your social media manager needs to be able to step up.



Last, but definitely not least, your social media manager needs pizzazz. She is going to be the voice of your company. She’s going to be speaking directly with your customers and partners. This means she needs to be good at forming relationships. She needs to be outgoing and have a bit of spunk. She needs pizzazz.


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