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RoadTortoiseRoad Tortoise
The inventors of Road Tortoise need engaging, straightforward language to communicate their services.

After a phone consultation, we helped them put their deliverables into words. Catchy phrases attract the readers attention. Clear explanations explain their benefit. Bold calls to action engage the reader.
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RWL-Wed-PortfolioRWL Design
RWL Design needed the descriptions of their Web Work edited. Working with their pre-existing text, we cleaned up their grammer, streamlined their punctuation, and made subtle changes to enhance the reader’s enjoyment.
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Hanauer_Biz_Journal_Live-0287$150 K Sock Puppet
A $150 K sock puppet? Who has heard of such a thing? Nick Hanauer has. He owns one. It’s the last vestige of a company called pets.com. He keeps it on his desk as a reminder to invest intelligently, instead of getting excited and wrapped up in what is currently popular. “Whoever thought of an online pet food store? That’s just a stupid idea,” said Hanauer shaking his head.

Not all of Hanauer’s investments were the flop pets.com was. In fact, hardly any of them were. From investing to founding, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs since the 1980’s, when he co-founded his first company: Museum Quality Framing Company.
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Black-Bottle-PosternRestaurant Review: Black Bottle Postern
Leave the kids and bring your taste buds! Black Bottle Postern is an all-adult, whirlwind ride of flavor. Recently, ten Points residents gathered at this Bellevue gastropub for an extensive menu sampling. It is not often a restaurant walks the fine line between expensive-stuffy and affordable-old. Black Bottle does. Its edgy, unfinished ceilings and cement beams are softened with moody lighting and friendly service. Whether you are sliding into a booth for an intimate dinner or gathering around a family-style table, one thing is certain – the food won’t disappoint.

While the small plate menu is designed to share, you might think again after sampling the bacon wrapped scallops served atop frizzled kale. However, this would be unwise because you would miss out on the pear and gorgonzola flatbread – a sweet, savory concoction bordering on dessert.
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Kim-KircherPersevering 15 minutes at a Time: Fearless Skier Endures Husband’s Cancer
A love for the snow brought her to the mountains. Little did Kim Kircher know that through one love she would find another and have the skills to persevere – some- times for just fifteen minutes.

Fourteen years ago, just after John Kircher bought Crystal Mountain, Kim worked the Crystal booth at a ski show. “That’s when we had our first real conversation. After the show, a group of us went out to dinner. The conversation just continued,”Kim remem- bered. John was smitten right away, but she turned him down. “I told him, ‘I couldn’t date the boss’,” she said. After a couple of years, they started dating, were married, and lived happily ever after. Almost.
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