I bit into the perfect apple once…

The sweetness hit me like the sugar cubes I used to sneak from my grandmother’s silver tea service. I ate it to the core, nibbling around the seeds and stem. Warmed from the afternoon sun, the subtle tart flavor made me press my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I squeezed my lips together; licked them free of any remaining flavor; pined for another. I am still looking.

Strong writing is like that apple. You read it until it is gone and then you search for more. Putting thoughts into writing, with crisp information and engaging language, turns writing into action.

Let me help you attract more customers and multiply your profits by engaging your readers with content which draws them to your core issue.

Making Language Count helps you tell stories. We believe engaging copy and clear communication is the key to growing your client base and increasing profits.

You’re not selling a loan, rolling pin or drill. You are providing a home, perfect pie crust or holes to hang a picture. Show your prospects that and you’ll have a customer for life.

Mikaela L. Cowles, Founder

Mikaela CowlesThis basketball-playing, food-gobbling, book-reading gal is a Seattleite through and through.

As a former Division-I basketball player at Saint Mary’s College of California, she still plays frequently. While earning her Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing, she began her blog, Baguette Taste – Wonder Bread Budget. (Don’t visit. You might drool.)

Likes: Dancing in the rain

Loves: Basil

Reads: Anything she can get her hands on

Eats: More than you