3 Apps That Actually Improve Your Life

written by Mikaela Cowles on March 24, 2016 in Tips with no comments


Where is your phone right now?

Most likely it’s within arm’s reach. Phones have become lifelines. I’ve heard grown men equate leaving their phone at home to walking out of the house in their birthday suit.

It makes sense. Phones have become the catchall for everything. They’re our daily planner and Rolodex. Heck, they’re our brain in some instances. Setting a reminder with Siri is a whole lot more reliable than making a mental note that your mom’s birthday is in two weeks.

However, phones can also be a huge time suck. Think Facebook surfing, tweet monitoring, and Instagram perusing. The endless hours given over to being “plugged in” can make our wizard boxes a double edge sword. Are you feeling me right now? 

Of course you are!

And while I sometimes want to chuck my phone into Lake Washington and just call it a day, I also relish the ways in which it makes my life easier. In particular, I have found these three apps lighten my load and help me be more efficient:


30 Day Fitness

Constantly being sedentary can make you become sluggish. Whether you work from home or you are part of the office crowd, sitting for eight(ish) hours a day can catch up with your body. While you probably know getting up and moving around throughout the day will help you both physically and mentally, remembering to do so can be difficult. That’s why I love the 30 Day Challenge app. It sends you text alerts when it’s time for your daily challenge. Challenges range in difficulty and target different areas of the body. You pick what’s right for you and you set the time.



While we’re in the midst of tax season, the beauty of this app is more apparent than ever. It’s easy to forget about updating your mileage log and this can cost you. Luckily, MileIQ will keep track of your miles for you. Download the app. It runs in the background and records your drives. All you need to do is swipe left or right to indicate whether the drive was for business (right) or personal (left).

Tip: The app’s not perfect. Sometimes it records non drives such as long walks or airplane flights as drives. These can be deleted by pressing the trash bin icon. Additionally, you don’t want to record drives when you’re not driving. For example, if your husband takes you on a date in his car. Those miles don’t count. This is another instance when you’ll want to trash the recording.



How many times have you seen an article or blog post online that you wanted to read, but just don’t have time right then? If you bookmark a post, do you go back and read it later? If you’re anything like me, the links just sit there. I hate reading long form articles on my laptop. And, I forget about them. Pocket allows me to save the articles to one central location. I have the app loaded on my iPad and iPhone. When I open the app and my devices are connected to the Internet, it saves the current reading list to my device. Then I can read the articles whenever I have time, whether I’m connected to the Internet or not.


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