February’s Reading Roundup

How’s your memory? Can you remember the title of the last book you read? Do you recall the author’s name? If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten these details and several others. We’re not alone. Most of …

The Power of I

The Power of “I”

Want your writing to build stronger relationships? Want your emails to make clients feel valued and your newsletters to build employee loyalty? The secret is mastering the power of “I.” 


January’s Reading Roundup

Do you wish you found time to read more? Me too! This is why I’ve decided to make reading a priority in 2016. Each month I’m selecting at least one “fun” book (probably a novel or memoir) and one “helpful” …


What is a Declarative Sentence?

Declarative sentences make statements. The 12th Man Crew is the loudest crowd in the National Football League. Visit Seattle on a sunny day and you’ll want to move here. Coffee is an essential part of every morning. The three sentences …

Give readers details in small doses

Give Details in Small Doses

Help your reader absorb all of the information you’re sharing by delivering it in small doses. Despite being six-foot-five, Tracy has the tiniest toes of everyone who lives in Midget Town, the country’s safe haven for little people who want …

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Why a Good Press Release is Like Bacon

Bacon. Beer. Booze. Sex. Women. These buzzwords grab attention. They’re pleasurable. They’re indulgent. Heck, they’re sometimes a little bit sinful. For most of us, when we see one of these words, we look for a second longer than when we …


Simple Press Release Format

Give your business an immediate marketing boost with a press release that grabs attention. From local news outlets to targeted trade publications, a well-crafted press release has the potential to garner your business some serious attention. Who knows, if your …

Eliminate the Obvious

Eliminate the Obvious

Avoid obvious details. They get in the way of your message. As writers, we have a tendency to state the obvious. This is especially true when we’re trying to write an “impressive sentence.” “Impressive sentences” are sentences designed to sound …