The Power of I

The Power of “I”

Want your writing to build stronger relationships? Want your emails to make clients feel valued and your newsletters to build employee loyalty? The secret is mastering the power of “I.” 

Writing Preparation

Writing Preparation

Right now, all around the country, people are prepping their Super Bowl Sunday menu; party planners are purchasing beer in mass quantity; and coaches are reviewing game film, devising strategies, and drafting inspirational pre-game speeches. What in the world does …

Writing to Your Audience

Controlling Tone Part 2: Writing to Your Audience

Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes 30 Seconds Successful writing sells. It gets the kid three blocks away to walk to your convenience store for an ice cold Pepsi. It makes your co-worker turn in their half of the monthly progress …

Identifying Your Audience

Controlling Tone Part 1: Identifying Your Audience

Estimated Read Time: Under 2:00 Minutes Clear communication is key, but successful writing causes action. It engages your readers’ attention and makes them want something. Rarely are you writing to the general public. In most cases, your audience is a …