Cross-Dressing Characters can be Your Best Friend

Have you ever had something happen with a client or prospect you’d really like to share? Do you feel you can’t because you shouldn’t mention their name? Change it! In fact, change their gender all together. Nothing throws someone off …

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When and Why to Use Long Sentences

When and Why to Use Long Sentences

The sparing use of long sentences provides a hook that grabs your reader. The long sentence sets the scene. It’s the descriptive power bomb. When written well, it is poetic in its cadence with a song-like hook that grabs the …

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3 Apps That Actually Improve Your Life

Where is your phone right now? Most likely it’s within arm’s reach. Phones have become lifelines. I’ve heard grown men equate leaving their phone at home to walking out of the house in their birthday suit. It makes sense. Phones …

Give readers details in small doses

Give Details in Small Doses

Help your reader absorb all of the information you’re sharing by delivering it in small doses. Despite being six-foot-five, Tracy has the tiniest toes of everyone who lives in Midget Town, the country’s safe haven for little people who want …

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Eliminate the Obvious

Eliminate the Obvious

Avoid obvious details. They get in the way of your message. As writers, we have a tendency to state the obvious. This is especially true when we’re trying to write an “impressive sentence.” “Impressive sentences” are sentences designed to sound …

1 idea sentence

1 Idea Sentences

Keep your reader interested by focusing on one idea per sentence. Complex sentences are sentences that contain multiple ideas. For most of us, they creep into our writing when we’re really excited. You know those times when you have a …


Clarity is King In the Copy Writing World

It doesn’t matter what you’re writing, if it’s not clear, it’s not going to get the job done. From business memos and taglines to thank you notes and blog posts, clearly communicating is key.   Rather than giving your thoughts …

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